Heat wave?

Keep your fingers crossed. The National Weather Service says we’re in for a warming trend with temperatures above freezing and even climbing into the 40s by midweek.

Will it be enough to thaw the hardened, frozen mess that still covers the ground from the Dec. 18 snow storm? Perhaps but whatever melts will refreeze at night because the lows will still drop well below freezing overnight. Still, the warming trend is expected to keep daytime highs in the 40s and, on some days, into the 50s through Jan. 25.

We’re not the only ones fighting colder-than-normal temperatures. Miami is freezing at 36 degrees this morning and lows as far south at Key West set records.

For Floyd Countians, this week will bring renewed attempts to thaw out frozen water pipes and clear away the remaining ice-crusted snow that still covers driveways, sidewalks and some back roads.

Robin Reed, one of the weather talking heads at WDBJ Channel 7, says a viewer asked him recently “if we’re in for a hard winter.”

“No,” Reed replied. “We’re already in one.”

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  1. Doug,

    It was 27 at my house this morning. The farmers have taken a terrible beating – the tomato and bush bean crops are badly burnt. Now, I’m not complaining, understand, but 27 in South Florida is quite rare. The last time I remember temperatures this low was during Christmas, 1989. I recall that it got down to 25 and that day it didn’t even get as high as 40. That is really, really cold for South Florida!

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