pinecreekice.jpgOn Monday, the wind howled and the wind chill dropped to 20 or more below. By Tuesday, the sun came out, the wind calmed and it was almost balmy in the Blue Ridge.

But the ice forced by Sunday night and Monday’s big freeze lingered on in places like this mill trace at Pine Creek Mill on Sandy Flats Road in Floyd County, Virginia. You could also find ice on most creeks and ponds throughout the region from the winter blast that arrived one day short of the official start of the season.

The ice from the water offers a sharp contrast to the blue sky and warm looking surroundings.

But don’t be fooled by the mild weather. The weather folks say another cold snap is coming — just in time for Christmas. With below zero temperatures and artic-like wind chills, the mountains seem more like the frozen tundras of the midwest.

Winter has arrived in the Blue Ridge and baby, it’s cold outside.