A Harley kind-of-day


Put close to 200 miles on my Harley Switchback Thursdya, observing the approaching Spring and knowing that two days of rain are coming before Sunday brings a stretch of sunny and warmer weather for the upcoming week.

Technicians gave the electrical system a once-over after last week’s glitch that put the newer bike in the garage and my trusty 2009 Dyna Super Glide on the road on Sunday and Monday.  Tightening a couple of loose connections appeared to correct the problem as part of a regularly-scheduled service, oil change, and new rear tire and we were on the road in early afternoon for a run along U.S. 11 from Wytheville to Draper, over Draper Mountain to Pulaski, over to Old Baltimore Road to Dublin, out Virginia Route 100 to Pearisburg and back into Blacksburg on U.S. 460 for a stop for a dipped cone at Dairy Queen and then some back roads back to Floyd.

Following the Floyd County Lady Buffs to the state basketball tournament this week cancelled earlier plans to attend Daytona Bike Week but the riding season is now upon us and early forecasts look like some good road days ahead.

The Switchback has fresh tire rubber, new oil and filter, a checkup and a working electrical system, so let us approach Spring and Summer with a need to ride and enjoy the road.

Some of my riding buddies plan to face the rain on Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Roanoke.

Saint who?  The last time I checked it is really “Mister” Patrick and not a Saint.  Besides, I’m a Scot, with a mixture of Seminole in there somewhere, so a hyped up holiday for a phony Saint is not my cup of tea and I don’t drink.

As with most “events” by the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is just another excuse to drink and, maybe, to fight.  As Oscar Wilde once noted, “the Irish are not quite sure that they believe in, but they are willing to fight and die for it anyway.”

Oops.  I had better shut up.  Amy is half-Irish and she is quick to point out that her Lebanese half gives up all the reasons she needs to fight and die for a cause.


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