Ted Cruz: Another politican monument to mediocrity.

Rabid right flocks like buzzards to Liberty U.

Ted Cruz: Another politican monument to mediocrity.
Ted Cruz: Another politician monument to mediocrity.

Perhaps it is fitting that two extremes — religion and politics — came together at Liberty University in Virginia Monday to showcase a side show barker Republican Ted Cruz’s announcement of what will be an incredible sleaze-laden run for President in 2016.

As a rule, right-wingers flock to Liberty like buzzards looking for something already dead to devour whenever they team religious fanatics who often misquote God and pathetic politicians together to stage another pantheon to failed principle.

The late Jerry Falwell’s monument to religious fundamentalism provided the perfect setting for Cruz’s attempts to appear relevant in a society that no longer listens to him and has no use for his shenanigans.

Both Cruz and Liberty are staunch rationales against reason in a society where lunacy lives and reason vanishes into the night.

Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post notes that is Cruz has a hat to throw into the Presidential ring, it needs to be a “Napoleonic bicorn rather than a fedora.”

And what better place for a politician known for turning government into a sideshow than Liberty University, where Jerry Falwell turned both education and religion into carnival extravaganzas.

Sadly, such things are common in The Old Dominion, where the rabid right-wing leaves its stain throughout the Commonwealth, be it the currently-convicted former Gov. Bob McDonnell — a Regent University “lawyer” — or former failed attorney general Ken Cuccinelli.

Sometimes, it makes it hard for a Virginian to have pride in our Commonwealth.  Odd too that a Texas Senator chose the Old Dominion and one of its two religious figurehead schools as the location to announce his run for President.

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