In Floyd, they will be drinking to that

Belly up to the far young lades...
Belly up to the far young lades...
Belly up to the far young lades…

Floyd, if all goes according to plan, will soon have a liquor store — an outlet of the state-owned Alcohol Beverage Control operation that controls over-the-counter purchases of booze in Virginia.

Ironically, the new ABC store will replace the former Mormon Church that resided between Mickey G’s and the local health club on Rte. 8 just north of Floyd.

Virginia tried to put an ABC outlet in Floyd a few years ago but opposition led by area churches stopped the effort.  This time, however, votes in the Courthouse District, cleared the path with their approval of Liquor by the Drink in a recent referendum.  The vote wasn’t even close and Courthouse now joins Little River as two of the county’s five districts where mixed drinks are now legal.

This does not sit well with at least two of the five Supervisors in Floyd County.  Fred Gerald of Indian Valley and Joe Turman of Burks Fork have wondered what, if any, say their board might have on the new liquor store.

A phone call to the ABC offices in Richmond brought a response that the county really does not have any decision authority on a store controlled by the Old Dominion.  As far as the ABC board is concerned, Floyd Countians in the Courthouse District, where the new store will open, voiced their opinion with the overwhelming approval of liquor by the drink.

It’s not clear yet how many of Floyd’s restaurants may join Ray’s in Little River in offering cocktails in addition to beer and wine.

Even in Floyd, the times they are a-changing.

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3 thoughts on “In Floyd, they will be drinking to that”

  1. It is about time Floyd county has been loosing all that tax money all those years.
    People are going to buy it and have been having the next county over the taxes.
    Hey maybe now they will mow the ditches around the county and pick up the trash in the ditches.

  2. As to Robert’s comment about the county picking up trash…what’s wrong with people volunteering to pick up trash, especially in their own neighborhood. I picked up trash on two roads in my neighborhood for 15 years before I moved here while the neighbors passed by and blew me kisses. I would be doing it here if it weren’t for age, two hip replacements and shoulder surgery. And I may still be before it’s over because the trash on our road is just disgusting!!

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