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Call it group think.  New groups focused on Floyd are spouting up like weeds on Facebook.

Floyd Group started some time ago and is run by moderator Nicole Cooley. The group has rules on behavior and takes action against those who violate the rules.

Some of those banished from Group 1 started “Floyd Group 2” which promises “equal opportunity.”

We have “The Voices of Floyd” which Chis Russell says “is designed for civil debate and sharing of ideas.”

And no censorship brings us Floyd Uncensored, started by Bill Kovarik, and calls itself a “freewheeling group for residents of Floyd, Va.

Each group requires approval by an administrator to join and some appear to promise what others don’t.

Floyd Group has 2,252 members as of this morning, Floyd Group 2 (which is asking members to suggest a new name) has 959 currently, Voices of Floyd has 420 and Floyd Uncensored was at 434 this morning.

Some belong to all four.

When I was invited to join “Floyd Uncensored,” I posted:

Wow, I take a Sunday off to join a group of motorcycle friends for a ride around Smith Mountain Lake (yes, all the way around) and come home to find another new Floyd group. Bill, I humbly surrender my undeserved badge as “Chief troublemaker of Floyd County, Virginia.”

This, of course, will no doubt trigger a thread on “what is censorship?” or “who is censoring whom?” Floyd is, of course, a bastion of uncensored streams of consciousness from various sources — be it debate over tourism or industry, sports versus academic achievement, government or libertarianism, straight or gay, Republican or Democrat or Independent and so on.

This will be fun to watch…and read.

As with many discussions in Floyd County, debate can get lively.

Other groups are also focused on Floyd but the four listed here seem to fit into a single category.

Or that may be something to discuss with the groups.

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