Commonwealth’s Attorney candidates

Two of the three candidates for the Republican spot on the ballot for Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney in their opening statements at the candidates forum sponsored by the Tea Party.

Eric Brancom, the interim prosecutor appointed by Circuit Jude Marc Long after Stepanie Shortt became a juvenile and domestic relations judge, and challenger Travis Epes outlined their histories and what they felt were their qualifications for the job.

Third candidate Harrison Schroeder was headed for a friend’s wedding for the weekend and missed the event. He submitted a video he produced but it was not used at the event. That video appears below.

4 thoughts on “Commonwealth’s Attorney candidates”

  1. We were in this video as part of the audience. Problem is that we left after the sheriff part for personal reasons. Don’t you think that more trustworthy editing is appropriate.

    • I’m sorry you apparently felt offended because a crowd shot of you in the audience appeared in the video and you had left after the Sheriff’s Candidates portion of the program. A crowd cutaway shot at an event is often used as an editing device. I is not an indication or support. If the crowd shot had been part of another event or day I feel it would have been inappropriate but it was part of the overall event.

      During the Commonwealth’s Attorney portion of the evening I had relocated the camera to a different view and it was not possible to shoot additional crowd footage during that section.

      • No one said I was offended. All I was saying was that how can we trust any video that has material patched into it which was not actually valid? It brings into question any video you produce. I read your column daily and always like to believe it is accurate.

        • I’m sorry but I don’t feel it was inaccurate. All items in the video were from the single candidate’s night at the Library. The fact someone left during part of the evening was something I neither noticed and it was not an intentional matter. It simply was a cutaway shot filmed during a single event. The focus was on the candidate and what they had to say, nothing more, nothing less. The shots of the crowd were not, in any manner, included to indicate any support or non-support of the candidates. It was simply a shot of the crowd in the event and was used for a visual effect. I apologize to any readers or viewers who felt a brief shot of a crowd during the event was, somehow, an indicator of my honestly. The purpose of filming the event was for information on the candidates and their positions only.

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