buffalo.jpgIts leaves stripped by the season, a tree stands naked against the sky atop Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County, VA. The branches provide their own pattern against the blue of an early morning sky. It is just one of many sights the mountain offers the climber who ventures to the top on a warmer-than-normal winter day.

The early morning light offers the right background to such starkness of nature. Too often, photographers feel only the colors of Spring and Summer or a blanket of snow can mark the beauty of our natural surroundings. Those who do not venture out during this time of year miss more than just a photo opportunity. They miss the many contrasts that our world has to offer.

Too bad. While there are seasons which may offer more beauty than others, each season of the year is unique unto itself. Nature is ever-evolving, always changing and adapting. Those of us who seek to chronicle that nature should strive to do the same. Each day is a chance to learn, grow and increase our understanding of the world around us.

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