Had people over last night to watch Virginia Tech lose to Auburn in the Super Bowl. The game provided divided loyalties for fellow Floyd County blogger Fred First who, by nature of his adopted homeland, should have cheered for Tech but who is also an Auburn alumni.

Despite his claim to show divided loyalties, Fred whooped and hollered every time Auburn did something good, then bitched and moaned every time Tech threatened to score (which wasn’t often).

Fred left at halftime when Auburn led 9-0 and Tech fell behind even further, to 16-0, by the end of the third quarter before a last quarter rally brought them closer for a final score of 16-13.

Our other guests, Don and Donna Johnson, missed part of the game because they were on call for the county rescue squad and got a call for an emergency (something about someone with too much alcohol and too little clothing). But they made it back in time to watch the comeback that fell short.

Maybe next year.