Bad news for Floyd coffee lovers

Cafe del Sol: Where, oh where, will be go for java?
Cafe del Sol: Where, oh where, will we go for java?

Floyd’s popular coffee shop, Cafe del Sol, closes for the entire month of February, starting Monday.

A sign on the door of the establishment in the Winter Sun building on South Locust Street announces the closing, leaving caffeine-addicted Floyd Countians one less place to feed their habit or warm up on cold February mornings. The closing follows a trend of Floyd eateries that curtail their hours or shut down during the winter months. Oddfellas Cantina just reopened after a January break but reduced its winter hours to Thursday-Sunday.

Just last week, Cafe del Sol owner Sally Walker told us she wasn’t sure whether or not the shop would be closed for February but it looked like she decided. Earlier in the month, Walker cut the shop’s hours, closing at 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Cafe del Sol also let their ABC license lapse and stopped serving beer and wine “for the time being.”

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3 thoughts on “Bad news for Floyd coffee lovers”

  1. Darn, we gain one new place to eat and lose an existing one.

    Sally, we look forward to the doors being open again soon. Spring will be here before you know it and the Cafe’s sundeck is the place to be on a nice Friday evening surrounded by music and friends….

    Best of luck.


  2. Give the Black Water Loft a try. It is upstairs and I know that puts some people off, but their coffee is good, their chai is homemade, and their baked goods local and fresh. See y’all at Cafe del Sol in March!

  3. Hey All!
    I am sure gonna miss everyone during this little interlude, but hope to get a lot of cleaning and the like done, work on the new house, and maybe even take a little breather! I will be in there fairly frequently, so if you see my car, pop in and I’ll be happy to pull you a latte.
    It’s good to be missed! In the meantime–stay safe and warm–and look forward to your next Cafe meal and drink! And thanks, Doug, for giving me the opportunity to address the Cafe’s fans!
    Yours–” Countess of Coffee”

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