010605eagle.jpgAmy called breathlessly Wednesday to say an eagle had taken up residence in a tree in our front yard. My first response was “yeah, sure,” but — sure enough — an eagle had come calling.

The proud vulture perched in a tree just off the driveway. What brought it to our neck of the woods? Crows we got. Woodpeckers too. But eagles? Not something we wee every day Time will tell if the bird is just a visitor or has decided to make our yard its home. Perhaps, like the tree that has started budding because of the unseasonably warm weather, the bird is confused by the springlike conditions.

If it does stay, it will join a growing collection of wildlife that occupy the woods around the house: a herd of deer, a couple of raccoons, assorted birds (including the woodpecker who confuses the masonite on our home for wood) and many other creatures great and small.

Either way, its presence was welcome and gives us yet another reason to be happy to be here in the country.