Glenn Beck: Leader of America’s real enemies


You have to wonder why people provide so much support of insanity.

Why, for example, does anyone give a damn about whether or not former Olympic star Bruce Jenner is a man or a woman?  The sexual identity he desires is his business.  He’s not trying to seduce young boys off the street and trying to turn them into girls (or the other way around).

Yet so many are fretting about the he who is now a she and declares it a threat to society as we know it.

If the society we know is all torn up about such things then maybe it’s time to get a new society.

060815-glenn-beck2I read, in horror, a Facebook post from Floyd Countians of a diatribe by the homophobic and racist Glenn Beck about his plans to try, once again, to try and be a white supremacist Martin Luther King with another self-serving display of vulgarity on Washington’s National Mall in August.  Some who commented proclaimed Beck as the embodiment of a “man of God” is not God himself.

God help us is anyone thinks the grandstanding Beck is anything but a money-grubbing opportunist.  Christ, he is so offensive that even Fox News (a title that is itself a contradiction in terms) fired his ass and sent him packing.

Some who idolize Glenn Beck claim he is “a real American.”  If Beck represents “the real” America then that America should be killed off and buried.  He represents a culture of hate, discrimination and repression.

There is little doubt that many of those who claim to be Americans are afraid.  Their fear is driven by ignorance, bias and hate.  They have been brainwashed by the rabid right and the looney left in a strangely bi-partisan effort to strip the populace of both reason and individuality.

America today is a hodgepodge of mindless dissent, unintelligent hypocrisy and  uneducated lunacy.  Our country is a nation of brain-dead lemmings following a legion of self-serving opportunists into a numbing sewer.

The growing spread of ignorance is driven — in large part — by politically-driven ministers who misuse the purported “word of God” for self-serving goals.  They deliver violence-laced condemnations of gays, minorities and independent thoughts that have little to do with either the true goals or the real needs of religion.

Truth was once called “the first casualty of war.”  Life in America today is, in itself, a war.  Our society is split by false claims of political claims of right and wrong and fears of necessary winds of change driven by evolution.  Truth cannot exist in such a war.

If America falls — and that fall could some sooner than later — the ones who will bring a once-great nation to its knees are those who claim they are defending a country that they themselves helped destroy.

Want to find a real enemy of America?

Find a mirror and gaze upon yourself.

Meet the enemy.

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