010705eagle2.jpgOur latest visitor is still in residence, moving this morning to a tree in our back yard but still acting like Lord of the Domain.

Heard from a lot of people around the country who want to know more about the bird who came for dinner (or was it lunch?). Notice the smaller animals who often scurry about our woods have stayed out of sight. They know a predator when they see one.

Those who know a thing or two about eagles say the bird in our yard is not an American Bald Eagle but an African Fish Eagle which is not a bird you normally find in the U.S.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are not normally considered natural territory for any kind of eagle and aren’t birds supposed to head South for the winter? And what the heck is an African Fish Eagle doing in Floyd County, Virginia?

Questions to ponder. If this proud vulture starts building a nest we will know a new resident has moved into the neighborhood.