And so it continues…

A Floyd County Rescue Squad life support unit makes it way carefully up Main Street in Floyd Saturday.

The thermometer reads 14 degrees — two digits down from an hour ago. The predicted high today is 29 but yesterday’s high was predicted to be in the 20s and it never got above 16. The National Weather Service sums it up in four words: “Clear and bitterly cold.”

Roads remain slick and snow packed. At such low temperatures, salt and other treatments don’t work very well.

Beautiful full moon Saturday night — brightest of the year.  Skies will clear today and the sun will shine but it won’t ease the cold.

Measured 12-and-a-half inches of white stuff Saturday afternoon — not as much as the Dec. 18 storm but still a lot of snow for an area what hasn’t seen much in the last few years.

Like many, will veg out at home. Have some writing, photography and computer projects. Will work on them.

Damn, I’m sick of this winter and — according to the forecasters — we still have a lot of cold, bitter weather ahead.

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6 thoughts on “And so it continues…”

  1. Good photo job Doug. Perfect example of half wit that wants to draft at Daytona. What’s wrong with the distance between squad and car following? Would they get someplace faster if following more closely?

    Strictly rhetorical.

    • Ah yes, the eternal question: “How can we have global warming when it’s so cold?”

      Didn’t think I’d have to teach Science 101 this late in life but it goes a little like this:

      Climate change (aka global warming) results in little things like melting polar ice caps.

      Melting ice caps change the temperatures of the ocean currents.

      Changing temperatures generate weather extremes: hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, rapid changes in warm and cold temperatures.

      The end result somewhere down the pike is a little climate changer called an ice age.

      Class dismissed but study up. There could be a quiz next session.

  2. I fended for myself this weekend as Tom hit the road for a Northern VA show (which also got hit by this storm) That means I spent a lot of time shoveling and stoking the fire, as did many other Floydians. Incredibly, I heard the welcome sound of a motor grader clearing the road on Saturday evening! So by Sunday early afternoon we were no longer snowbound at home. I was impressed with the speed of the clearance crew; thanks, guys! AEP, take note!

    And Sunday had to be one of the most gorgeous days I’ve experienced in a very long time….lots of sun, mild temps and plenty of the white stuff. What’s not to enjoy?

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