Doing their crimes and then doing the time

You have the right to remain silent...and you have the right to go to prison.
You have the right to remain silent...and you have the right to go to prison.
You have the right to remain silent…and you have the right to go to prison.

Off to the courthouse this morning to cover another round of cases in Circuit Court for the paper.  Weekly doses of justice now occupy the schedule.

Four trials are set, all on on drug cases involving the highly addictive crystal methamphetamine and most include   possession, manufacture and distribution of of the drug.  Most will plead out in deals between the Commonwealth’s Attorney and defense attorneys.

The docket also has sentencing of two — one on an earlier conviction for manufacturing and distribution of meth and the other a habitual drinking driver who not only got cause driving under the influence for the third time but crashed and caused property damage and then fought the law officer who arrested him and faces punishment for attempting injure the cop.

A couple of those in jail will try to convince Circuit Judge Marc Long to let them out on bail pending trial.  One Roanoke man broke into county homes, stole firearms and, as a convicted felon on other charges, now faces charges for possession of such weapons.  The other also broke into a home and is charge with stealing, you guessed it, firearms.

A routine day of watching those who break the law face punishment for doing so.  The van from New River Valley Regional Jail will take most to Dublin at the end of the day and some will be headed for prison.

Last week, my stories about court included more drug cases and one where the former assistant treasurer of Floyd County admitted a long period of embezzlement of funds from taxpayers.  She faces sentencing in October.

Next week, the cycle continues, including a scheduled sentencing of a former Indian Valley man convicted of raping an elementary school student several times.  He faces multiple life sentences in prison.

So much for a quiet life in a small town.

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