A love of the open road

The love of the open road
The love of the open road
The road and wind in our hair

Cooler temperatures and a lack of rain provided great days for climbing aboard a motorcycle and riding this past weekend.

Three days in the saddle of my Harley-Davison Switchback added more than 1,000 miles to the odometer on solo rides that ventured into North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia as well as in and around Virginia.

Lots of two-wheeled company on the road.  Talked with riders at several stops, including the general store in the valley between two 11-mile stretches of “The Snake” along U.S. 421 in Tennessee, Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial next to U.S. 460 in Princeton, West Virginia and “The Rock” (Rockingham Motor Speedway in North Carolina).

Many rode Harleys while others came by on Can-Ams, Indians, Yamahas, Hondas, Ducatis and more.  The brand wasn’t what we shared.  It was a love of two-wheel travel in the winding roads of our area.

This weekend was the first rides of 300 miles or more a day since my recovery from the “great cow encounter” in 2012 and shows, I hope, that the multiple injuries from that accident is behind me and more miles await.  Amy’s recovery from back surgery continues and she should hopefully be on her Can-Am RS-S Spyder to join me on the open road.

Some people shake their heads at even the idea of a 67-year- old man on a motorcycle, particularly one who damn near died in the crash in 2012.  They don’t understand the appeal of riding or the camaraderie we share on the road.  R.K. Williams, a friend who lives near Buchanan, just turned 80 and he still rides.

My mother and father rode.  They met primarily because of their love of Harleys.  They passed on a love of two-wheelers and life on the road.

It is a love that Amy and I share to this day and we hope to share many more years together.


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