A Rebel-lution organizer pulls out

Trouble appears to be brewing within the Rebel-Luition: Heritage Not Hate Poker Run planned by those who genuflect to the Confederate Flag.

Sandy Mabery, one of the principal organizers of the Rebel-lution Heritage not Hate Poker Run, withdrew from any involvement in the event Tuesday in a short, terse statement:

I am now making it known that I am no longer affiliated in any way, shape or form with Rebel-lution: Heritage not Hate Poker Run on August 29 as of 8/3/2015. I will not discuss why so don’t ask. I am not participating in any way, shape or form, not even to answer demands as to why.

Mabry, we are told, withdrew from participation because of racial beliefs attributed to the owner of Kanawa Valley Arena near Dugspur, the destination of the poker run.

Some say they are upset with planned participation by known White Supremacist groups.  A scan of Facebook posts finds attendance plans by some out-of-state groups that are identified as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Mara Eve Robbins, the Floyd County activist who is credited with stopping a planned natural gas pipeline in Floyd County, says:

When I am assured that there are not confederate flag groups from other states participating in the poker run who embrace ideologies that deeply concern me and that I consider harmful, I might begin to believe that it might not be dangerous.

The sale of the flag here in Floyd has already harmed people I care about deeply.

That assurance is not likely. Robbins recommends a poker run without use of the rebel flag.

Organizers now say the poker run could draw hundreds and — perhaps a thousand or more — motorcycle riders to the area.

Organizers say the poker run will not tolerate “offensive behavior.”

Floyd County’s sheriff department says they will keep an eye on the event and follow it to the Floyd-Carroll county line.

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8 thoughts on “A Rebel-lution organizer pulls out”

  1. You people are crazy! We have been going to Kanawha Valley for many years now! Tommy Brown has never been anything but nice to us and our friends! We participate in several of the activities and what he doesn’t allow is ignorance! Ignorance is not color related! There is a sign that states “No Colors”. Ignorant people, this means no Motorcycle Club Colors allowed! That is a good thing people! We participate in the Truck and Tractor pulls and there are blacks, whites, Latinos and other nationalities there. Get your stories straight! We have NEVER been asked to sign any paper and that goes for all of our friends. We take our kids there and they are well looked after. It is articles just like this one that stirs up Hatred and Racism! The Media is to blame for 97% of the Racism. Get a life and worry about what your future is going to be like in this country after ignorant people create a Civil War over race.
    Proud Supporter of Kanawha Valley and Tommy Brown,
    Christi Matthews

  2. Wow!! You are very stupid to write this article. You do not have any of your facts straight. Are you a black person and your trying to say that the confederate flag is for RACISM. Well obviously you don’t have any idea about history either. The confederate flag is a battle flag. You are such a MORON. I HAVE BEEN TO KV AND THE COLOR SIGN ISN’T FOR AFRICAN PEOPLE. YOUR AN IDIOT.

  3. I was married to Tommy for 13 years. During those years he went through the Masonic Lodge; through all the degrees; and then on to the Oasis Shrine Temple and became a Shriner raising money at almost every event they held for children. Myself and numerous of other wives went thru the Turtles and Hillbillies and we formed the Shrinettes which supported the Shrine Club and raised monies which we donated back to them to turn in to the Hospital for Burned and Crippled Children as were their monies too. Tommy has always worked hard and always helped people less fortunate; especially children. I’m not sure where this man got his info but I think he owes Tommy a public apology. I ride motorcycles and as far as “colors”….it speaks of colors of a club. My daughter Brooke Brown has been raised to respect and also help anyone that she could …..this was and is our way of life ….so to this man who thinks he knows Tommy Brown…..YOU DON’T !

  4. Be advised that I heard from someone within the Kanawha Valley organization who said the comments attributed to Tommy Brown were wrong. As I promised, I went back to the sources of that information and they now say hey were passing on remarks from third-hand sources and were not comments they that they heard themselves from Mr. Brown.

    For that reason, I have removed the remarks attributed to him and apologize to him and the arena. A separate apology will be posted on Muse and Facebook.

    When a mistake is made we correct that mistake. Again, my apologies.

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