Kanawha Vally motorcyclists

An apology

Kanawha Vally motorcyclists
Kanawha Vally motorcyclists

A deputy sheriff in Floyd County questioned me about quotes attributed to Kanawha Valley Arena owner Tommy Brown.  He felt the quotes were wrong.

I went back to the two sources of the quotes and both admitted they had “heard about” the comments from a third party and did not hear them directly from Mr. Brown.

I have removed the comments and offer my apology to Mr. Brown and his business.  A mistake was made and information originally printed was incorrect.

My best of luck to him and his operation.

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5 thoughts on “An apology”

  1. I think you need to remove the Kanawa Valley image. At this point, you are too busy covering your backside and do not deserve forgiveness for posting hearsay. Trying to make yourself look better now is moot.

  2. Article written and read. Apology a little too late and not heartfelt considering what you wrote and your earlier response was disgraceful. Article should be withdrawn. Ethics and professionalism need to be reexamined. Sorry but really disappointed in this uncalled for slander. I guess if I were you, I would hope to not be sued for obviously repeated damages.

  3. I have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Brown, and have never thought of him as anything other than a genuine, and kind person. I do also know that he believes in right and wrong. You sir, did a great injustice to a good man. I find it very sad that you were more than willing to take the hearsay word of a couple people and make a very wordy article, but after you are called out can only muster a half-hearted apology. Maybe, you should attempt to do just a part of your own community that Mr. Brown does for his.

  4. I have to say to Mr.Thompson, it takes guts to apologize. I would hope that in the future, a little more investigation into all aspects of the story would override the knee-jerk,hate-baiting media has become so well known for of late.

  5. I’m glad to see a public apology to Tommy Brown. But like my daughter, Brooke Brown said “the dage has been done”! Eating crow is not easy!! I would hope that you have learned a valuable lesson and that your writing days are over! You need to go meet Tommy and personally ask for his forgiveness; but make sure a real journalist is there to write the story!!

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