Oh my aching back

Walking like a hunchback. Messed my back up big time, starting on Thursday when I aggravated an old compressed vertebrae injury while installing a new microwave oven for my mother.

Compounded the problem by trying to shovel snow on Friday and then slipping and falling several times in the deep snow.

Now the pain keeps me bowed over. Hot tub therapy and ibuprofen don’t seem to help. Tried stretching. No way.

Sometimes I’m forced to admit my 62-year-old body has seen better days. Too much abuse as a young man. Too many broken bones. Too many torn muscles. Too many pins, screws and baling wire.

I need to get the snow blower out today and clear our driveway. My Wrangler made it almost to the top when I returned from a photo trip into town Friday but remains mired in more than a foot of snow there. Maybe I can manhandle the blower out of the garage and clear a path. Maybe not.

I’m going to sit in the hot tub for a while and see if that helps.

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1 thought on “Oh my aching back”

  1. Hi Doug…your post was 2 days ago so maybe you’ve dealt with digging your jeep out, etc. But I would suggest you try to hire someone. If your back is already injured it is not good to keep pushing it. Although it isn’t always easy to find someone to come over and remove snow…it isn’t impossible. If you get to that point and can’t find someone, let me know. I can’t promise but I may be able to find someone.

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