Cleanup begins, more snow coming

The new work week starts as last week ended: Snow on the ground, schools closed, a massive clearing effort underway and more snow coming.

A storm with snow and freezing rain is expected to hit the area Tuesday morning and dump some snow on us before changing to freezing rain later in the day. The National Weather Service says  accumulation will be “light” but freezing temperatures, combined with the freezing rain along with snow and ice already on the ground, could make driving treacherous and conditions hazardous.

On Sunday, cleanup efforts continued in and around Floyd while others ventured out in the sun to enjoy the snow and make the best of it.

Elsewhere, things were worse — much worse.

At least 28 percent of Henry Counties residential and business customers remained without power this morning with 1,000 outages reported in Patrick and 700 in Franklin. Efforts by Appalachian Power Company to restore power were moving slowly.

“We’re moving along and making some headway,” AEP spokesman John Shepelwich told The Roanoke Times.  Full power to Henry County customers, he said, probably won’t be restored until late Tuesday.

Virginia Department of Transportation officials say primary roads are clear but many secondary roads remain snow covered and warned that bitter cold temperatures overnight increase the risk of “black ice” on all roads.

We hit several snow covered spots on Sandy Flats and Poor Farm roads driving into Floyd on Sunday.

VDOT says Tuesday’s storms will complicate road-clearing, not only in Southwestern Virginia but across the Old Dominion. In Northern Virginia, where more than two feet of snow fell, residents have been warned that it could be later in the week before snow plows reach some residential areas.

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