Yeah, it’s bad out there

The wind howls around the house. A gust a few minutes ago topped 60 mph and the National Weather Service says gusts could top 80.

This is a nasty winter storm, the nastiest so far in what has been a really bad winter.

Three snow storms. A couple of ice storms. Bitter cold. High winds.

Can  it get any worse?

Yes, it can…and probably will.

Another “winter event” may hit here Sunday and Monday. A “clipper system” they call it. Cold. Windy. Accumulation.

Our power hasn’t gone out yet but more than 9,000 Appalachian Electric Power (AEP) customers in counties surrounding us are dark. The number will most certainly climb.

Amy and I saw a lot of storms like this when we lived in the Midwest but didn’t expect to find it here.

My Wrangler sits at the bottom of our driveway, which is an impassable mass of ice and drifting snow. The snow blower can’t handle snow laced with so much ice. On Monday, I had to use the Jeep‘s winch to pull it through the snow…down hill. Never thought that would happen.

More later…weather permitting.

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