Floyd County High School on alert


Message sent out today from Floyd County High School:

Hello parents and guardians, this is Scott Watson, Principal at Floyd County High School on Thursday, September 10th.

Today at school, assemblies were held for all students addressing a FaceBook rumor. The Sheriff’s office has conducted a thorough investigation of this FaceBook message and found that this message was not directed toward Floyd County, the City of Floyd, Floyd County High School, or even toward any particular locality in Virginia. The message was found to have originated outside of the state of Virginia and law enforcement officials from that point of origin have discounted the validity of this post. Nevertheless, our focus is on student safety regardless of the lack of validity of the posting, therefore we have additional law enforcement officers on campus and are following their direction and guidance, and we are also carefully monitoring the situation. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here at the school. Thank you.

The warning in question showed up one one of the Floyd-centered Facebook groups and started a long discussion there but it was originally posted in another state in 2010 and was not about the school here.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department and Virginia State Troopers are on alert.  School is still on for today and Friday.

Some parents are voicing concern about a delay in messages going out via the school system’s phone alert program.  Some have reported to Blue Ridge Muse and elsewhere that they heard about the situation from phone calls from their children.

The problems for Thursday and Friday follow a malfunctioning fire alarm earlier in the week and a raucous school board meeting on Tuesday.  To put it lightly, the school system in Floyd County is nervous and on edge.  A lot of questions and, so far, now many answers.

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