Ask Amy, city-born and a city resident all her life, what she misses most living in the country and she has two words:

Chinese delivery.

Actually, make that any kind of delivery. A perk of city living is the ability to pick up the phone most any time of the night and order just about any kind of food delivered to your door. In Arlington, we even had a services like Takeout Taxi or Doctor Delivery that would bring the food of many area restaurants.

Not so in Floyd County. Even pizza is pickup only. In Hillsville in nearby Carroll County, Pizza Hut delivers to homes within five miles of town. Several restaurants in Christiansburg have delivery in most parts of Montgomery County and Roanoke has a city-sized share of delivery.

We’ve been fortunate enough to find most of the food we like within easy driving distance of Floyd: Sushi in Christiansburg and Roanoke; fine Mexican in Galax; good Chinese in Hillsville, Radford, Christiansburg or Roanoke; and great Thai in Roanoke (although we’re still looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant), but the wide dispersal of population in Floyd makes delivery economically unfeasible. Plus this is not a nighttime county. Everything is buttoned up tight by 10 p.m. (even Food Lion, which originally stayed open to 11, scaled back its nighttime hours).

So if you want food, pick it up yourself — and do it early.