McDonnell panders to Northern Virginia

Gov. McDonnell: No friend to SW Va
Gov. McDonnell: No friend to SW Va

Newly-elected Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will do just about anything to keep his Northern Virginia cronies happy, even if it means screwing other areas of the Old Dominion.

McDonnell wants to mess with Virginia education funding formula to send more money to Northern Virginia while cutting state contributions to school systems in our region.

It’s the latest round of cuts out of Richmond that sends chills through area governments and these chills have nothing to do with the harsh winter weather.

Cash-strapped Floyd County already faces budget cuts that could cut the Sheriff’s Department force of road deputies by two-thirds and leave the Commonwealth’s Attorney office unable to prosecute some crimes.

Now McDonnell wants to gut local education budgets just so he can keep his buddies in Northern Virginia happy.

Reports The Washington Post:

In one of his first decisions on the state’s two-year budget, Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell sided with Northern Virginia, the vote-rich region that helped him secure his landslide victory in November, by sending it more school dollars.

The Republican governor announced that he will oppose a freeze in the adjustment to the school-funding formula proposed by his predecessor — Timothy M. Kaine (D) — that would have cost cash-strapped schools in Northern Virginia nearly $140 million.

The decision marked a significant victory for Northern Virginia , whose legislators, local officials and business leaders had spent weeks lobbying the governor.

“Northern Virginia doesn’t get close to its fair share,” said Del. Scott A. Surovell (D-Mount Vernon). “[But] we expect to be treated consistently from year to year and expect historical agreements to be honored. This is a step in the right direction.”

As Northern Virginia was celebrating, other areas across the state were in mourning — or mobilizing.

Don’t count of changing McDonnell’s mind. He doesn’t give a damn about Southwestern Virginia or any other parts of the Commonwealth. The fatcats that financed his campaign live in Northern Virginia. The special interests who own him are based in Northern Virginia. The votes that put him into office came from North of I-64.

It’s ironic that Floyd County — like so many counties and municipalities in our part of the Commonwealth — is controlled by the GOP and it is the leader of that party that is screwing the area.

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5 thoughts on “McDonnell panders to Northern Virginia”

  1. McDonnell and the new breed of Republicans only solidify why I left the party years ago and don’t support them now. Of course if the Democrats could get their act together and keep it together, they might present a great option, but they’re just ad bad most times. It almost makes me want to quit paying attention to it all, stop voting, and just focus on my garden and my grill and say ‘the hell with it’ to anything not in my daily life.

  2. I think Quincy’s comment is right on the money. I, too, used to have Republican leanings, but I’ve grown wiser with age. I also agree that the Democrats have come across as completely disorganized…case and point, Creigh Deeds’ miserably inept campaign last year. He never did solidify traditional Democratic power bases across the state or really speak directly about the issues. If he ran such an awful campaign, could we trust him to run the state? As much as I hate to admit it, I voted for Deeds primarily as a vote against McDonnell. I can’t remember the last time Is was actually excited about any gubernatorial candidate…it seems the only choices we have are between the lesser of two evils. It seems to me that Virginia, the very birthplace of American democracy, could offer better quality candidates.

  3. And the worst part is, no one up here buys his “I’m one of you” spiel anyway. The Fairfax County-born-and-bred line works better when you’re not an order of magnitude more conservative than most people up here. Amen to wishing for Deeds.

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