Winter weather woes

Our driveway remains impassable a week after the snowstorm that dumped more than a foot of fresh snow.

Chunks of ice snag the undercarriage of my Wrangler if I try to venture up the steep hill. That same ice defeats any attempt to clear the mess with our snow blower.

With highs barely reaching 32 degrees and overnight lows stuck in the 20s and teens, there’s little chance for melting, so the depth remains at most of the 14 plus inches that fell a week ago.

Which means I park at the bottom of the 450-foot driveway and trudge up the steep incline to the top of the hill where Amy’s Jeep Liberty remains mired in snow.

There was a time when weather like this would be a welcome challenge. I sneered at two-foot snowfalls and laughed at eye-level drifts. In Washington in 2003, I drove my Wrangler from our home in Arlington through 23-inch snow to the National Mall to shoot photos and used my winch to pull a Hummer off a snowbank.

That was then. This is now. Now I don’t move as fast, my aging joints ache a lot more from brutal weather and my back is killing me from too many falls in the snow and on the ice. My knees stiffen up from each hill climb, my ankles ache and my hip cries out for relief.

My mood over the last few weeks has gone from wonderment to frustration to irritation to anger and — finally — depression.

The weather has won. I have all the classic symptoms of clinical depression: lethargy, inability to concentrate,  fitful sleep, irritation and anger.

I haven’t surrendered yet.

But I’m thinking about it.

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3 thoughts on “Winter weather woes”

  1. Hi! I’m a local blogger and I like to blog about my bone-headed moves. Luckily I make a lot of them and they provide me with plenty of material. You can read the latest, about driving my car off the road. I’ve even provided detailed photo’s so that you can marvel at my Subaru and its amazing ability to go up an incline. I don’t know if other cars can do this but I don’t think so. To date, I’ve also set my own woods on fire when I dumped live ashes from my stove, I made a point to feed all kinds of animals against what any naturalist might call “good judgement” and then took credit for the increased deer population. I also left the Jacksonville Center worse off than I found it and caused at least one non-profit to lose money on their fund raiser by forcing them to switch their event dates and I called into question the reputation of a respected, long-time local business owner when my wife left his establishment without paying for her purchase. I think it’s pretty clear where I stand politically and though I’m no scientist or have any training or background with regard to any science, really, I’ve pretty much independently brought down the theory on Global Warming. And yes, I do like to quote Sarah Palin (isn’t she the greatest?) when it comes to foreign policy. Stay tuned to my blog because I feel another big dumb-ass move coming on shortly but fear not, I’ll keep you informed!

  2. You’ll be fine Doug. Have a house party and your guests can pack down the high spots on the walk to the house. It’s a little bit funny that the macho machine is defeated by such a small amount of snow. Should have gotten a Model T or a Hummer. Just teasing you, maybe inspired by the Early Winn satire.

    The exercise won’t hurt you in the meantime. Get creative with using what you have to make a sled or toboggan. You can ride it down and tow it up with whatever it is you need to move so desperately.

    Grin and bear it, I know you can.

  3. Jeff:

    Small amount of snow? We’ve had more than 45 inches here in three storms and currently have drifts that measure three feet. The area has had more snow since Dec 18 than in the last four winters combined.

    Thanks for the thoughts. Unfortunately, aggravating an old back injury has ruled out much physical activity and just trudging through the snow to the top of the hill leaves my back, bad hip and screwed-up knees and ankles screaming for relief.

    House party is out of the question. No room for anyone to park at the bottom of the hill and we have too many neighbors and friends whose driveways are in worse shape than ours.

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