Not what we wanted to hear

Kevin Myatt, the copy desk editor and self-admitted meteorological geek who writes the weather blog for The Roanoke Times, is hinting at something few of us want to hear — we may be in for at least one more major snow storm before this winter of extremes is finally over.

Answering a question in his blog this weekend, Myatt said:

Funny to think a year ago we were talking about maybe the least snowfall on record in a season for Roanoke and now we’re wondering if there are at least 2-3 more storms left in the pattern (or 1 very big one) to challenge the record for most snowfall.

Could have gone all weekend without hearing that one Kevin.

If you don’t follow Myatt’s blog, you should. He covers the weather better than any of the “meteorologists” on the TV channels and his information is often more current and accurate.

Which is why I’m worried when he talks about a change of at least one more major snow storm this year.

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