Look! Up in the sky! It’s the sun!


That bright light outside the window today is something we haven’t seen in a while.  As we recall, it’s the sun!

A sunny sky with lot’s of blue overhead signals an switch from the deluge of rain over the last couple of week and signals a dry period for a few days in and around Floyd County.

If the talking heads who call themselves weather forecasters are right, for a change, then dry weather is the norm for the time being..

After last week and the weekend, a little dryness is welcome.

The amount of rain that fell in Floyd County and surrounding areas over the last week amounts to somewhere in inches in the teens and, according to some, in the 20s.

Residents face washed out driveways, flooded basements that need to dry out and recovery from drowned trees and the mess that flooding leaves on the landscape.

But the area escaped with no injuries or deaths and that is a plus by any measurement.  The expected additional flooding forecast for the weekend went south, swamping South Carolina.

Hurricane Joaquin, after devastating the Bahamas, took off north and east into the Atlantic and left the mainland United States.

Timely and excellent response by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department, the Fire Department, Rescue Squad and Virginia State Troopers provided a measure of safety that deserves our thanks and respect throughout the mess that started just six days ago and ran through the weekend.

They served us well and deserve our thanks and gratitude.  We have good people in good departments and organizations and they did us proud.

Floyd County and all of Virginia was declared a major disaster area and help if available to any and all who need assistance.  Contact the county or town.

Rain postponed Floyd County High School’s scheduled football game at Radford Friday and will be played Wednesday in what was supposed to be a “bye” week for both teams.

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