Outlook: More cold, more snow

Prescription for a bad day: Get up, fix a cup of coffee and read Kevin Myatt’s weather blog in The Roanoke Times.

The “pattern that has delivered a cold, snowy winter isn’t changing much heading into March,” Myatt wrote Tuesday.

Then the news gets worse.

“Many people seem to feel like there will probably be at least one more big winter storm before this season is out,” Myatt writes. “There is no guarantee of that, but it appears the overall pattern conducive for storm development and Artic air intrusions will be in place at least 1 or 2 weeks deep into March.”

If you haven’t looked outside our window this morning, brace yourself. Some snow fell overnight.  Looks like about two inches of fresh powder felll at our house and there’s enough wind outside to to blow that around and add to the drifts that covered part of Sandy Flats and Harvestwood Roads Tuesday.

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