From Georgia Reynard, a long-time friend in Richmond:

Jan Hathcock sent this new word – and ailment – this afternoon.  I think there’s an epidemic across VA, but especially in the great Southwest.

claustrosnowbia [(klaw-struh-sno-bee-uh)]

n. The fear of never seeing the frigging grass again



2 thoughts on “Claustrosnowbia”

  1. I saw some grass today in road medians, it’s all brown and trampled…but by God it’s grass. Spring is coming, but I think we’re going to see one more big snowstorm the first week of March.

  2. My first winter with VDOT was 77-78 and it snowed 40″. I guess its appropriate that my last winter with VDOT is a bad one. I don’t know the total snow but its been a long dang winter and switching between day and night shift has worn me out. At least the weather has helped me remove any doubt about retiring. I can’t stand anymore and the long range models, if correct, omg we’ve had it…………..

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