012505moon2.jpgPerhaps it should be a crime for someone to see views like this while driving home from work but the view of the moon (above) as I drove along Harvestwood Road north of Floyd Monday night was breathtaking.

Even more views greeted me when I arrived home and looked at the full moon through the trees in our back yard. While the last thing I wanted to do after a long day at the studio was stand out in the bitter cold and shoot more moon shots I could not resist. The beauty of the winter moon could not be denied.

The winter storm has left a crispness to the air and the full moon provides a soft light that reflects off the landscape. We’re fortunate that our home provides spectacular views of the moon when it both rises and sets in the eastern and western skies.

Whenever someone asks, for the umpteenth time, why we moved from the city to the country, I just pull out photos like these. Such views should never be missed and, thanks to our decision to come home to Floyd County, they are not.

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