One small step for man, one giant victory against Mother Nature

Where no Jeep has gone before...or at least for two weeks

For the first time in more than two weeks, both of our cars are at the bottom of our driveway.

No small achievement. Amy’s Jeep Liberty made its first foray onto public roads Monday after two weeks mired in snow, ice and drifts at the top of our driveway, which rises 500 feet from the base at Greenbriar Lane to a sharp left-hand turn at the top for the last 50 feet to the garage.

You may have seen our driveway on TV this past week. It was the downhill ski race course. Or maybe it was the luge.  I’m not sure. Since Feb. 5 it’s been anything but a passable driveway.

Luckily, my Wrangler made it to the bottom of the driveway. We tried to get the Liberty out but the snow was too deep and the ice from the sleet snagged the undercarriage. That same ice prevented using our snow blower to clear the drive.

But the weekend melted just enough to break the Liberty free Monday morning and I wheeled the Liberty down the hill — sometimes straight, more often sideways — so Amy could deliver a photo to a customer in town and shop for some badly-needed groceries.

Both cars will remain at the bottom of the hill for the next few days at least because even with warmer temperatures, the drifts and ruts remain over a foot deep.

Anyway, both cars are free at last — a small victory in this winter of extremes.

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4 thoughts on “One small step for man, one giant victory against Mother Nature”

  1. Congratulations Doug. I had written something here a few weeks ago but it got eaten by the internet for whatever reason. Connection failed and there is no recovery that I know of. Oh well.

    Part of my comment had to do with asking why you don’t have a neighbor with a tractor and grader blade. Or why you don’t just spend a few bucks and hire someone that could probably use a few dimes of income while easing your anxiety.

    I also wonder where all those idle teens were hanging out and why none of them could arrive to apply some good old fashioned labor for some hot cocoa and a tuna sandwich, or as barter for some photos.

    It looks like you are still betting on a thaw and losing. I suggest you get it cleaned up and get yourself or hired help busy on the snowblower Before it stops snowing the next time.

    In the meantime, stay well and warm.

    • Good idea Jeff…however:

      Those who do plow driveways take one look at mine and either say “no way” or quote a price that is way above my pay grade.

      Remember, I’m a retiree now and living on a fixed income. Between AEP’s electric bills and the last fill up of our propane tank, I’m counting the days until my next Social Security check arrives.

      • Well, that puts a damper on the Floyd county love and community theme. I live near the county line between Floyd and Montgomery. That’s terroritory neither are eager to claim. It’s also on a gravel road, 1 mile long and dead end.

        Fortunately, mostly for the majority that live near the dead end, a few have ATVs with plows and they start plowing the road after the first few inches, and continue every few inches, and so on. There are also a few with tractors and grader blades. There is a kin folk and good neighbor factor and by the time the State shows up, it’s been passable, if not perfectly, for the entire time.

        My personal area is like eating an elephant. I’m still able to shovel for 4-5 hours at time and if it takes 3 days of repeats, that’s what happens. I know it’s easier to move 7 inches twice than 14 inches once. It’s too late for you to be proactive but that snowblower could be working right now as conditions have changed.

        It’s a great example about money. It doesn’t cost you much to become ill over this situation and get on the test treadmill. I’m certain the highest plow estimate is cheaper than feeding the health care system.

        I think it’s sad you can’t recruit a few kids. Finally a useful gang and a chance to create an event of good will for your crusty ole self.

        Hang in there bud.

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