A not-so-clean break


Back in September, I laid my bike down in a minor accident.  The bike wasn’t hurt but it fell on my leg and I came away with a badly sprained ankle and a bruised leg.

And more.  On Thursday, tests at Carilion Clinic in Roanoke discovered that I also broke my left fibula just below my knee and have been walking around on it for more than two months,

The spiral fracture was stable, which meant it stayed in place, and is mostly healed, although I still have some soreness which I thought was malingering from the sprain.

Interestingly, an X-ray of my left ankle did not also look at the knee area and the emergency room at Carilion Roanoke Memorial.

The diagnosis at this point:  No high impact exercise, less walking and more time off my feet.  Orthopedists in Roanoke will look at it again in about six weeks to see if it is still healing properly.

Ouch.  After my serious motorcycle accident in 2012 that left me with a mangled right leg with multiple fractures (including fibula, tibia and more) and several surgeries, my left leg was considered “the good one.”  Not any more.

Ironically, the x-rays Thursday were to examine my knees to see if they might need replacing.  Turns out the knees are in pretty good shape for a 67-year-old man, except for advancing arthritis, and they found the healing broken fibula instead.

Oh well.

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