Oh, joy…more brutal weather

High wind warnings out this morning, along with winter storm warnings just to the west of us.

Drifting snow from the 1-2 inches that fell Wednesday covered enough roads to cancel schools in Floyd County for the day.

The thermometer on the back porch sat at 19 this morning and the high is not expected to hit 30 degrees.

A foot of snow fell on parts of the Northeast Wednesday and another foot may fall.

The National Weather Service issued a high-wind advisory for the Floyd area until 6 a.m. Saturday.

Will this winter of extremes never end?

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2 thoughts on “Oh, joy…more brutal weather”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Kevin Myatt’s Weather Journal. I wonder which scenario that he’s written about will come to pass next week. I hope it’s not another huge snow storm for us. I’ve had my fill of winter, the need to wear multiple layers of clothes every day, the shoveling of snow and the slow chipping away of ice that is many inches thick in order to clear the driveway only to have more snow and sleet obliterate my work.

  2. All the schools in my county canceled class today. Even the local community college decided not to open. What do we get? Snow showers.

    The schools could have opened on time and at least let out early. People are gonna want answers to a lot of questions about this particular snow day.

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