‘Tis the season

A furry friend with no fear.
A furry friend with no fear.
A furry friend with no fear.

Fall is in full bloom here in Floyd County — and elsewhere — and the creatures around us are getting ready for winter.

A squirrel shows no fear as he — or she — munches.  Our UPS driver sometimes complains that a squirrel in our oak tree bombs him with nuts and other flying missiles as he delivers packages.

A couple of years ago another delivery driver called the house to ask us to come out and get a package because “a snake on on your front landing.”  It was the resident black snake who lives in our crawl space, raises her young, eats mice and keeps copperheads at bay.  We didn’t see her this year.  I hope she hasn’t died.

Wild animals are part of life here in Floyd County and our shared existence with them is part of what makes living here so special.  Yes, the deer who dart our in front of our vehicles are a constant threat.  Body shops say business is booming to repair damage from encounters with them.

Environmental changes now bring some wild animals closer to humans. We never use to see bears, cougars or wild turkeys,  Now sightings are much more frequent.  I saw and filmed a mama bear leading three young cubs along a path in the snow two years ago and at a time when bears are supposed to be hibernating.

We often awake to find three or four deer grazing in our front yard.  I left the grass a little longer at the end of the season to give animals more food to find on the ground.

As Thanksgiving approaches Thursday and Santa arrives in the Christmas Parade right after it’s good to remember, accept and be thankful for what we have in our lives.  November’s full moon arrives Wednesday.  For those of us with cameras, the next few days offers many opportunities. So much of each day is consumed with complaints and anger.

Hopefully we can at least put such anger aside and celebrate the month that runs from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

From Amy and I, our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.  We’re looking forward to this holiday season.  We hope and pray that you are as well.

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