A full moon and Happy Thanksgiving

The full moon over Floyd County, Southwestern Virginia and the nation Wednesday night.

A bright Autumn full moon arrived along with Thanksgiving this year, giving us a glow from the heavens to help us appreciate what we have and thank others for what they do.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Blue Ridge Muse…well the two of us…and our thanks for being part of the incredible life Amy and I have here in Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia.

Yes, we’re banged and battered a bit physically but we have a lot to be grateful for and always thank our friends here for the help and support they have provided over the years.

Photographing the full moon last night was a joy.  The moon has provided many chances to shoot with a camera and film for videos over our 11 years in the region, along with controversy or two but it is always a great subject.

Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and a great Christmas season to follow.  See you at the parade on Sunday and into the month of December.

(Photographic details:  Shot with a Canon EOS1D-X with a 400mm lens at f:5.6 at 1/2500sec at ISO 6400.  Recorded on a Lexar Professional 800X 128GB Compact Flash UDMA 7 Compact Flash Card. Contrast adjusted with Adobe Photoshop.)

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