012705moon.jpgOK. I’m a sucker for moon shots. The moon is usually rising over the hill behind our home when I get home at night. Wednesday night was no exception.

As for the Great Moon War with fellow Floyd County blogger Fred First, it was was over before it began.

Fred gave up with one (count ’em, one) shot of this week’s full moon. OK, he used the same photo (cropped differently) twice but recycling pablum only works in political speeches. In reality, he gave up without a fight. Put his lens cap back on and snuck away by the light of the moon. Maybe it was the threat of Firstian blood polluting Goose Creek? Perhaps it was megapixel envy? Or fear of a focal-length gap? Or I could just chalk it up as another victory in the Canon-vs-Nikon war.

That’s the trouble with youngsters today. You just can’t find a good, online moon fight when you need one. Obviously, these newbies can’t stand the heat.

Maybe, as our friend Fletch over at Austin Country Limits suggests, we should start a photo war of nubile, naked female bodies instead of poorly lit heavenly ones.

I’m game but I doubt either of our wives are.

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