Warm, great day in late November

Photo from an earlier road trip.

One does not normally expect to be walking around in downtown Floyd on November 27 wearing a short sleeve shirt but that was the weather on Friday.

The temperature topped 65 degrees in the afternoon, the sky was blue and the sun shone down brightly and, more importantly, warmly.

So the Harley Switchback came out of the garage for a hop South of U.S. 221 towards Hillsville.  No heated gear needed and the air in the face was warm and pleasant.

In Hillsville, a turn to the left on U.S. 52 East towards Fancy Gap — Beamerland as we are constantly reminded in the local media overkill of the presumed “great one” as he finally retires as head football coach of Virginia Tech.

At Fancy Gap, left on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a hop northeast towards Meadows of Dan, my mother’s birthplace and the home of a second cousin who is usually not talking to me because of some disagreement over political matters.

Stopped at her gas station, market and deli to top off the tank and then headed back on to the Parkway to venture pass Mabry Mill.  The restaurant, of course, is closed for the season but visitors ventured through the Mill area.

On past the winery and the FloydFest area before Rocky Knob.  Didn’t stop at the overlook.  Many pleasant memories of that spot, some  of them in the backseat of a ’57 Ford in the 1960s with some willing and other not-always-so-willing sweet young things on a Saturday night.

Off the Parkway at Rte. 8 for the short hop into Floyd.  Picked up a few things at Food Lion for Amy and then headed home to gather my video camera, sound equipment and pack up the Liberty for a hop back into down for three hours capturing the music and scenery at The Friday Night Jamboree.

The Floyd Country Store was packed with Thanksgiving weekend visitors and relatives home for the holidays.  Lots of kids dancing and a visitor from Australia captured the prize for the visitor from the longest distance away.

Back home:  Loaded the videos for editing but that will wait for later in the weekend.  Hit the sack after a great day on the road on the Harley, all on the road without coming even close to the malls or Black Friday, and topped off with another great night at the Jamboree.

A lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend.

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