The sideshows that never end

The current Clown Prince of American politics?
The current Clown Prince of American politics?
The current Clown Prince of American politics?

It is hard to think about or seriously discuss real issues of the day because of the sideshow that our political and government system has become.

The news media, and yes I’m part of that media “establishment,” appears mesmerized by a political oddity named Donald Trump, the eccentric real estate billionaire, former reality show host and candidate who spouts obscenities and insults to anyone who dares disagree with him.

Republicans tell pollsters they favor Trump for the GOP nomination for President this year — a final insult, I suppose, to a political system that has given us song-and-dance-man George Murphy in the U.S. Senate in the past, the proclaimed “self-talking” Ross Perot as the one-time “darling” independent back in the 1970s and so on.

From a common-sense point of view, how in the hell can Donald Trump even be thought of as a candidate?  Is it because he has the money to pretty much do whatever he wants, even run for President of a country that currently suffers a serious leadership vacuum?

England considers Trump such a farce that it is considering barring him from the country.  He has alienated Latinos, gays, Muslims and many others.  That may endear him to the bottom feeders in the Republican Party but not the moderates who, thankfully, still make the final decision on Presidents on election day.

The sideshows show up in Floyd County as well. The school board twists Virginia law into a sideshow where public comments bar any criticism but allows praise without limits.  The Supervisors put two members of the local tea party on the county planning and meetings have disintegrated into long discussions about what is or is not in the minutes of meetings.

While Trump makes a fool of himself and America from podiums on the campaign trail, a ragtag “militia” controlled by the sons of Nevada anti-government rancher Clive Bundy, currently holds a wildlife refuge outside of Burns, Oregon, at gunpoint as part of their anti-government campaign and claimed support of a Nevada rancher and son headed for prison for their actions.  Interestingly, the father and son reported to prison without hesitation and say they want no part of the Bundy militia.

Local police in Oregon and the FBI are “talking” and taking a “soft” approach in dealing with the occupation of the wildlife refuge occupation.

Some critics of such activities, however, suggest that if the Bundy group was black, or immigrant, or Muslim, the feds would be storming the wildlife refuge in full riot gear.

Is America, and the world it claims to lead, out of control?

Sure looks like it.

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