The promise of warmer weather

Hopefully, we don't have too much longer to see this

March is coming in, as they say, like a lamb with the promise of temperatures in the 40s day and 50s by the weekend.

A new winter storm forming in the Gulf should miss us, the National Weather Service says, and we could be looking at a warming trend over the coming weeks.

After this winter of extremes, any increase in temperatures and sunlight — no matter how small — is welcome news.

Maybe — just maybe — the mountains of snow will melt away and earth will reappear from the sea of white that has dominated our landscape since Dec. 18 will recede.

Maybe — just maybe — we can soon look back at the Great Winter of 2009-10 and laugh about it.

Colder weather will hit us Tuesday and Wednesday, along with a little snow but then the trend is more sun, more warmer days and — perhaps — even Spring fever.

Let’s hope the forecasters are right. We need it.

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