‘Major winter storm’ could arrive Friday

Fighting the snow as it fell.
What Floyd and the surrounding area could see on Friday and Saturday of this week. Storm photos from last winter. (Photos by Doug Thompson)

The thermometer at 0500 Tuesday (5:00 a.m.) said six degrees and the projection by the National Weather Service today says Floyd County can expect a high of about 22 degrees.

Yes, winter has arrived in the Blue Ridge with what the talking heads call “a brutal blast.”

Ice from an old mill on Sandy Flats Road in Floyd County.

That may be the good news.  Friday and Saturday of this week brings snow — more than two feet in some areas of the country and several inches possible in and around our are.

As usual, our area is “on the line.”  One side of the line projects show of a few inches and the other side expects a lot more.

“A significant winter storm for the East” is what the forecasters now expect.

Some snow showers could arrive in the PM hours as early as Wednesday but the “biggie” is forecast for Friday:  5-8 inches in an all-day storm with temperatues hovering around freezing during the way and down into the lower 20s overnight.

Saturday could bring another one to three inches with temperatures about the same before the thermometer climbs back above freezing by Sunday and a slight warming trend early next week.

Mark Warren shovels snow on South Locust Street Friday
South Locust in Floyd from a previous year’s storm.

Friday’s storm depends on where “the line ” line falls.

“Confidence is growing for a major winter storm,” says the National Weather Service and it could be much worse in Richmond and Washington than in the mountains with heavier expectations up through the northeast.

Depending on where “the line” falls means Floyd County could see heavier snow in the Check and Copper Hill area and a lighter “wintry mix” towards Willis and the North Carolina line.

Call it a “winter storm lottery.”

Or just call it a mess.

No, this is not snow on January 4, 2016. It's snow from winter of 2015. Is any coming this year? Time will tell. (Photo by Doug Thompson)
Is this coming Friday? Time will tell.

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