The snow that never ends

Welcome back my friends to the snow that never ends;
We’re so glad you could attend, stay inside, stay inside!
There behind a glass is a real blade of grass;
Be careful as you pass.
Move along! Move along!

Our apologies to Emerson, Lake & Palmer for this variation on their classic rock song, Karn Evil 9, First Impression. Couldn’t resist after blowing through yet another batch of drifted snow on Sandy Flats Road en route to Floyd.

Tuesday’s snowfall that turned into a more than anyone predicted should melt until an assault of 40 and 50 degree temperatures over the next few days, followed by at least three days of rain.

Although the white stuff that the late Rev. Brian Childress once called “the dandruff of the Lord” is nothing if not resilient we may finally see the light over the top of the snow drift.

Roanoke Times weather blogger Kevin Myatt calls this week the “caboose at the end of the weather train.”

That sounds like a plan.

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1 thought on “The snow that never ends”

  1. My last day @ VDOT is April 23rd. My birthday is April 20th. I predict it will snow that week. Don’t laugh it snowed a foot on April 28th back in the day, the year escapes me but I remember it vividly. The snow that never ends is very appropriate.I told someone today the smell of freshly mow grass is the only thing that will cure me.

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