Another Valentine’s Day snow storm

Snow appears to be normal for Valentines Days in Floyd (Photo from 2014).

With snow on the ground, schools closed for Monday in Floyd County and most of the rest of Southwestern Virginia as a President’s Day snowstorm moved into the area Sunday night, leaving roads covered and slick and more weather havoc.

While less than the 10 inches forecast by some weather prognosticators did not greet residents Monday morning, there is enough snow and freezing temperatures to keep driving conditions extremely hazardous on secondary and some primary highways.

A second storm with “wintry mix” (snow, freezing rain, sleet and rain) arrives Monday afternoon to put schools and other activities in doubt before Tuesday.

An opening conference playoff game scheduled for Monday night at Floyd County High School is now moved to Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.  The Floyd basketball homecoming, often postponed because of weather, is also scheduled as part of the evening’s activities and Giles, the visiting team, will also hold its Senior Night in Floyd.

Warmer weather arrives on Tuesday and the melting begins, leaving more mud and wet conditions to a winter that has thrown almost everything to the area.

Writes Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt:

A period of heavier rainfall is expected late Monday night and early Tuesday, which may continue as freezing rain in at least some pockets well into the wee hours of Tuesday morning. This is something that will have be fine-tuned during the day Monday for the risk of an ice storm. A low-pressure system track over the Appalachians just to our west is favorable for strong surface warming over our region, but new snow cover and falling precipitation into remnant Arctic air will resist that warming. A good melt still looks likely on Tuesday with highs in the 40s.

So Tuesday could be slick and hazardous in the morning and better in the afternoon.  Then warmer temperatures ride the area, once again, of the white stuff.

A plumber emailed Sunday that he has some calls about freezing pipes from the arctic chill Saturday night.

The weekend continues a trend of Valentines Day/President Day snow storms for the area, including the 14 inches of so two years ago and 10-12 inches last year.

All this, of course, comes a weekend after the Groundhog Day hoopla where the rodent in Pennsylvania predicted an early Spring.

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