Cold night, warm Jamboree

As the old song says, “the weather outside if frightful” but the action inside the Friday Night Jamboree, an internationally-acclaimed weekly gathering of old time music and Bluegrass fans was warm and inviting.

Been so busy of late contending with weather (and news coverage of such), late season basketball photography and other activities that I haven’t had time to edit some video still needing attention.

Filmed the action above at the Friday Night Jamboree on February 12 but wasn’t edited and posted until a week later. Still have footage from an appearance of the Java Brothers at Americana Afternoon and hope to get to it between basketball tournament photography assignments.

Heading for Martinsville Saturday afternoon for the Conference 38/2A championship match pitting the Lady Buffaloes of Floyd County High School against Glenvar. The Floyd boys varsity Buffaloes lost Friday night 58-36 to Martinsville but the team made it to the semi-finals this season and deserve congratulations for a good year.

Hope to see some of you a the game tonight.

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