Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler: Birds of a feather.
Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler: Birds of a feather.

Irony arrived late last night in an email from an old friend in my days at a political operative for the Republican Party.

“It is time for us to get back into the game,” the email said.  “The system we put into to place long ago is coming apart at the seams.  It may be too late to salvage it but we have to try.”

Yes, the American political system is teetering on the brink.  Flamboyant billionaire Donald Trump swept the Nevada Democratic caucuses Tuesday night in his third straight victory in what has become a march of the improbable to the GOP nomination for President.

The self-promoting, misogynist, conniving bigot and race-baiting political outsider is in control of America’s wounded political system and no one, it appears, can stop him from turning America into a land of unbridled opportunism and vulgarity.

He succeeds on the backs of angry, but ignorant, white Americans who see a chance to return American to the land of intolerance, racism, and homophobia.  He is so proud of his support of white supremacists and haters that he re-tweeted their support over the weekend and then, when questioned about it, called it “no big deal.”

What is happening to America is a really big deal, a trip down to the world of anarchy that brings back the days of Adolph Hitler’s emergence as an unlikely leader of Nazi Germany and a horrid journey down a road of worldwide destruction.

Hitler, like Trump, was idolized by those who saw their whiteness as proof of a “master race.”  Their dream turned into a nightmare that still haunts the world today.

What Donald Trump really wants.
What Donald Trump really wants.

Those who see any race of color as a threat, who hates gays and free-thinkers with different opinions, lifestyles and attitudes rally to Trump because they see him as the only chance to return to a country dominated by a declining white race.

Trump’s march to the White House is a trip down a memory lane that should, and must, be abandoned for the sake of the nation and a world that now views America as a sorry, declining nation with little hope for the future.

America is now a product of those who seek information not from sources that provide facts but only from those who feed biases.  The leading “news” agencies of America are rabid partisan web and broadcast operations like Fox News (dubbed “Faux News” by those who still seek a source objective journalism).

Americans who rally around Trump like cultists waiting for their final dose of doped Kool Aid as they fear a world they claim is crumbling under the weight of relevance, tolerance and consideration of all its citizens and its beliefs.

Yet what they want is a place where intolerance and lockstep control by religious zealots will force America’s demise at a much faster pace.

They pound Bibles with misquotes and fundamentalist fervor that demands exporting immigrants who don’t fit into their notion of a all white, all heterosexual society, discriminating those whose only crime is loving someone of their same gender and restoring a “world order” that drags the world as we know it back into a hateful stone age.

They see the ascension of a Donald Trump as a leader of the “great old days” which were not great but was sadly still intolerant and filled with anger and hate.

Trump claims he will “make America great again.”

As with so many things Trump says, he lies.  He will destroy America and, with the help of white supremacists, racists, bigots and haters he will succeed.

Donald Trump: "It's all about me.  It's always all about me."
Donald Trump: “It’s all about me. It’s always all about me.”




  1. Just when I thought politics couldn’t get worse. Every time Trump wins a primary, caucus or poll I lose faith in people, their common sense and decency. Maybe he should be more honest and change his motto to “make America hate again.” God help us.

  2. I think a lot of us are dismayed by the Republican party’s apparent descent into craziness. Its unbridled religious fundamentalism and right-wing nationalism is not rational or democratic. But, as you observed, Trump appeals to a very vocal minority of Americans. The rest of us can defeat his despicable agenda by showing up at the polls. Let’s do it!!

  3. The only thing that will save us is if we all unite behind the Democrat nominated, whether it’s Bernie or Hillary. Folks, if you sit home because the Democrat you preferred is not nominated, it will spell victory for the Donald. Please, let’s unite in this.
    Also, consider supporting Dems for Congress, so our government can function again.

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