Super Tuesday or Super Con-Job?

Donald Trump: A con artist for President?

Virginians join other states today for “Super Tuesday,” the collection of places, many in the south, to cast votes in Presidential primaries in an effort to determine who might represent the Democratic and Republican parties in the November general elections.

By the end of the day, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican (in name only) Donald Trump are expected to have the momentum to wrap up their nominations by the end of March.

But the voter anger that propelled Trump’s unlikely ascension from class clown to GOP front runner is under attack from those who finally realized late that anger is not the way to determine leadership of  a nation.

Trump, an increasing number now realize, is a carefully-crafted con artist who built his fortune by profiting from the misfortune of others who believe his hype and fell for his lies.

His financial house of cards is under attack and investigation by various law enforcement agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service and defrauded students of his “Trump University” that is the target of actions by state agencies and prosecutors who found 5,000 were robbed of thousands by believed his claims of a path to success that did not exist.

His message attracts racists, bigots and haters.  He draws heavy support from white supremacists.

His claims are lies and his ability to promote his fantasies knows no bounds, no restrictions of decency or consideration of the nation he falsely claims to serve.

Trump preys on voters who grasp for hope he offers but cannot deliver.  He knows that.  His campaign is one of ego and desperation to divert his fragile empire of deceit and fraud.

Yet his con is working and he may well be the nominee of the Republican Party, the latest victim that will lie in ruins after he is finished using them for his nefarious purposes.

If the polls are correct, Trump will carry Virginia and several other states on this “Super Tuesday.”  If that happens, it should be renamed “Shallow Tuesday,” another victim of a fast-talking con artist who loves only himself, no his country, and who has no regard for those who lie crumpled by his march to destruction.

Trump thrives on his promotion of anger and anger is a self-destructive emotion that overlooks reason and supplants consideration for confrontation.

Anger cannot, and does not, provide leadership or salvation.

Getting mad is a first step towards madness and the madness of Donald Trump is the greatest threat America faces in this year’s turmoil called the political process.

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