021205ice2.jpgSome photographers I know stay inside on cold, icy mornings and dig up pictures of warm springlike days.

Rainbows? We don’t need no stinkin’ rainbows. This is winter and rainbows are for wimps. The cold, harsh days of winter are a photographer’s amusement park. Like this ice cavern (above). A cave? Some unexplored wilderness? Nah. Just the inside of a water culvert near my house. To get the shot, I had to get down on my knees in the frozen stream but what’s a little frostbite when one is in pursuit of the perfect ice shot?

Or the frozen leaf in a frozen stream just near that same culvert (right). I love tramping around in the cold, frozen tundra of a Floyd County winter morning. It’s one of the reasons I returned to this mountain wonderland. There’s a time for Spring but this ain’t it.

So bring on the cold. Bring on the ice. It’s wintertime damnit and I’m gonna enjoy it.

Just as soon as I get over this damn cold.