021405rain2.jpgMy camera could have a hole in it and it might drown.

My apologies to the Serendipity Singers for a slight revision of their folk classic Crooked Little Man but rain was the last thing we needed on Greenbriar Lane this week. Our long, steep, driveway already looks like a logging road with deep ruts left by a seemingly endless procession of moving vans, delivery trucks, a Clark Gas & Oil propane truck and — as a final insult — the Shooting Creek Quarry truck that got stuck while trying to spread gravel and fill up the ruts.

Shooting Creek planned to return today with a grader to try and put the driveway back to where it once was but rain and the mud it spawns may drown that plan.

So I’m left with trying to find beauty in all the wet. Water on a cedar limb and drops on a spider web both appeared within steps from the back door.

Salvation can come in many ways.

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