Another enjoyable night of music, dancing and a great crowd at The Friday Night Jamboree at the Country Store in Floyd.

The project of cataloging and archiving the phenomenon that draws fans from around the world to a small Virginia town in the Blue Ridge Mountains began in 2002 when Amy and I will lived in Washington and came to Floyd, where I lived for part of my teenage years, to document the Jamboreee.

Since that time the weekly gatherings at the Floyd County Store has gone through three owners and continues to grow as a key to the area’s evolution from a quiet farming community into a mecca of musical culture, art and history.

We moved here in 2004 and visits most Friday nights allowed us to continue photographing and filming the evolution of the Jamboree, the Country Store.

“Why,” we are often asked, “to you spend so much time focused on the Jamboree?”

Because it’s fun and is a key part of what Floyd’s past and of what it is today.