Early morning on the stream fed by three springs from the hill above our home. Not quite light yet so the camera must be set on a time exposure to capture both the light and the seamless flow of the water.

The stream is not that wide but with the camera at a low angle and a 17mm wide angle lens a narrow body of water can seem as wide as the New River. That one of the things I like about the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital SLR. Unlike most other digital SLRs, there’s no increase in form factor with the Canon. On my Nikons, a 17mm lens would have been a 25mm because the digital chip on the camera was smaller than a 35mm negative and the lens focal length was 1.5 times normal. The Canon’s chip is the same size as the negative so wide angles remain just that.

This time of morning when darkness is just changing to light is my favorite time of day. Even the birds still sleep and the rush of water is the only sound. The semi-darkness adds to the surreal colorscape.

A new day at a time of life when each new day is a delight and something to anticipate, not dread. Sadly, too many face the day with nervousness and fear. Not us. We’re the fortunate ones.

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