Yes, its cold outside

Yes, it is cold outside.


If the National Weather Service is correct, and that is always a big “if,” the 30 degrees (that feels like 20) that the thermometer read this morning on the back porch will go a degree or two lower by 8 and 9 a.m. before a freezing morning in April begins a slow climb back through the 30s and 40s throughout the day.

Then a plunge back below freezing overnight Tuesday to 30 or so before heading back up to the lower 50s on Wednesday.

This is Spring?  Yep, it sure is in the mountains and the forecast for precipitation later in the week suggests a possibility of snow showers.

The 60s of Monday won’t return for at least a week.  Looks like mid-fifties on Wednesday and Thursday, forties Friday and Saturday and then 50 degrees on Sunday and back into the 60s next Monday.

Seventies?  Not likely for a while.

Low temperatures will drop to 30 on Friday and then 25 on Saturday night before staying above freezing through at least April 19.

It could be worse.  Heavier snow fell in New England Monday and it’s a lot colder up there.

Local forecaster remind us that we had significant accumulations of snow on the ground on April 4, 2014.

So grin, shiver, and bear it.




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